Selling Jamu (Herbal ingredient)

Jamu or herbal ingredient is wellknown for its remarkable effect but which is not harmful to human body.  Herbal ingredient therapy has proven in relieving pain and provide refreshment to human body.

Many big companies in Indonesia are successful in marketing and selling the herbal ingredient such as Air Mancur, Djamu Djago, Nyonya Meneer, Sido Muncul, etc.

There are many people from small twon and villages go to big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Semarang, Balikpapan, Ujungpandang to sell the herbal ingredient and earn good living.

Sadly, some individuals driven by greed, want to find success in short term.  They put dangerous ingredient in the herbal ingredients.  Some ingredients harmful for human body, brain, and kidney.  They never think that because of actions by particular individuals, the community will suffer.  This made the popularity of “jamu” is declining because of customers do not have high level of trust in term of its quality and safety.

People say that the success of product in depend on the target market, its brand awareness, its product feature, its price perception and its distribution.  And the most important thing is that the product should have credibility.

We can see from time to time that most people in Indonesia in doing business (especially small business) do not put the credibility in the first place.  They want to get big profit in the short term.  The are news about dead chicken, boar meat disguissed into beef, textile color in the market.

Back to Jamu.  Clearly, to make people keep drink jamu, the jamu producers should create credibility by using safe ingredients.  Jamu has been part of Indonesia economy.  We have export the jamu overseas as well.  Now and in the future if the credibility is gone because of the action some individuals  in doing bad business, the jamu or herbal ingredients will vanish.  Big corporations will take role by offering the products originated from the herbal with different form.   Most probably the big corporations are not from Indonesia, but from overseas who have patents for the active ingredients and people in Indonesia will become the target market only.


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